About us

Since 1976 GROGIEL has buil its name of high quality products manufacturering for Europen markets. The company has brought production to a very high level of quality, design and functionality created with support of the most modern technology. The range of radiators has been extended and can serve any environment, both private and public. You will find excellent offers for home, office, school or hospital. Excellent heat output, wide range of measures and connections will suit all customer's requirements. We keep our radiators stylish simple with no space for dust, dirt or insects - so you can be sure that they are health friendly. Cleaning of them is easy and does not take much time. Excellent relation quality-price supported by extraordinary working efficiency creates the best value for your budget. You pay less and get more. Each radiator is tested for quality and pressure and is fully guaranteed. All are installer friendly.


GORGIEL GROUP Sp. z o.o. Sp. k.